My Focus


My Aim:

I  desire to encourage and equip followers of Jesus to build extraordinary communities of faith in which people of all generations share life together. As a researcher, writer, and presenter, I strive to advance a creative, constructive vision of intergenerational ministry in today’s church.

My Core Themes:

My work is guided by two big questions. These themes are informed by the challenges I see many local churches wrestling with. In many churches, these are burning questions. They also reflect passions that have developed within my heart over many years. They are burning questions for me, too. Pretty much everything I am working on these days can be traced back to these two themes.

Theme One: How can churches grow as vibrant faith communities in which diverse generations are engaged in mutually building one another up, moving toward a greater sense of shared identity and purpose, and celebrating their unity together?

Theme Two: Within a rapidly changing culture, how do churches transmit a vital faith tradition to emerging generations while also honouring older adult members?

Visit my SPEAKING and WRITING pages to learn more about the work that I’m doing in these thematic areas.


Photo: Portrait of a diversity Mixed Age and Multi-generation Family embracing and standing together. [url=][img][/img][/url]