My Focus

My Aim:

I  desire to encourage and equip followers of Jesus to build extraordinary communities of faith in which people of all generations share life together. As a researcher, writer, and presenter, I strive to advance a creative, constructive vision of intergenerational ministry in today’s church.

My Research Themes:

At present, my work is guided by two big questions. These research themes are informed by the challenges I see many local churches wrestling with. In many churches, these are burning questions. They also reflect passions that have developed within my heart over many years. They are burning questions for me, too. Pretty much everything I am working on these days can be traced back to these two themes.

Theme One: How can the church be a vibrant intergenerational community in which diverse generations are engaged in mutually building one another up, moving toward a greater sense of shared identity and purpose, and celebrating their unity together?

Theme Two: Within a rapidly changing culture, how do churches transmit a vital faith tradition to emerging generations while also honoring the existing adult generations within the church?

Current Research, Writing, and Presentation Projects:

Within my two overarching research themes, I currently am working on a number of different projects. Some of these projects will culminate in published book manuscripts. Others are geared more toward the development of seminars and workshops. Here’s a quick peek:

Theme One Projects:

  • The Generationally Intelligent Leader: This book project and seminar employ the theoretical framework of generational intelligence to help Christian leaders navigate the generational challenges they encounter within their churches and within themselves.
  • The Intergenerationally Sticky Church: This book project explores six important dimensions of intergenerational cohesion within the church and outlines practical proposals to help churches strengthen ties between people of diverse generations.

Theme Two Projects:

  • The Generative Church: Investing in the Next Generation: Presently in the early stages of development, I intend to develop an edited volume on this theme that will include chapters from a number of insightful contributors.
  • Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders: A keynote presentation and three-hour seminar on this theme encourages churches to become “greenhouses” in which the next generation of Christian leaders can be enabled to take root, grow, and blossom.
  • Mentoring the Next Generation: This seminar highlights the tremendous potential of intergenerational mentoring and explores practical, accessible approaches to forging connections between youth and adult mentors.

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Photo: Portrait of a diversity Mixed Age and Multi-generation Family embracing and standing together. [url=][img][/img][/url]