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Virtually all churches aim to invest meaningfully in the faith development of the younger generations who have been entrusted into their care. Some churches have a longstanding track record of faithfulness in living out this commitment. Some lose sight of this priority over time and allow their intentionality to fade. This book makes a distinctive contribution to our understanding of children’s, youth, and young adult ministries by appropriating Erik Erikson’s concept of generativity (“the interest in establishing and guiding the next generation”) as a way of exploring congregational life. Eleven accomplished authors representing five different countries provide diverse theological and cultural perspectives on key aspects of what it means for churches to invest intentionally in the faith development of the members of emerging generations. Their chapters challenge us to think about the intergenerational dynamics of our churches, the crucial partnership between church and parents, and what it means to involve young people meaningfully in the life of the church. The intriguing topics explored by this group of authors—and the diverse contexts from which they write—promise to broaden and enrich our thinking about caring for children, youth, and young adults as a vital responsibility shared by the entire congregation.

“Dr. Seibel and the contributors to The Generative Church have given the church, particularly the Western church, a gift. This gift is not found only in the wisdom offered us by the authors, but by their vision of a church that promotes life and flourishing for all who will recognize God’s kingdom at work in and through intergenerational community. The Generative Church offers an essential guide to embracing the intergenerational opportunity before us.”—Quentin P. Kinnison, Associate Professor of Christian Ministry, Chair of the Biblical & Religious Studies Division, Fresno Pacific University

“Nothing short of the future of the church. As a university president, I am invested in seeing the next generation flourish, find belonging and significance within their church communities. Accessible, well-written, and thought-provoking, The Generative Church is an important read for those of us in leadership who seek to empower future generations for the gospel of Christ.”—Melanie Humphreys, President, The King’s University, Edmonton, Canada

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  • Seibel, C. L., “The Intergenerationally Sticky Church,” in InterGenerate: Transforming Churches through Intergenerational Ministry, ed. Holly Allen (Abilene, TX: Abilene Christian University Press, 2018).
  • Seibel, C. L., “From Multigenerational to Intergenerational,” in InterGenerate: Transforming Churches through Intergenerational Ministry, ed. Holly Allen (Abilene, TX: Abilene Christian University Press, 2018).

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